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Welcome to Yahr Income Tax LLC. We are primarily a virtual tax office and enjoy being able to serve clients around the world!

Please review the list below to familiarize yourself with our tax process.  We can finalize your tax returns completely online from the convenience of your home or in special circumstances at my Jordan, Minnesota office location.

The following will take you step by step through our process and requirements.  This ensures a comprehensive tax return and an economic tax preparation fee.

NEW CLIENTS: For an estimated tax preparation quote by phone, please contact our office at (952) 223-7276 for a 5-10 minute phone consultation. You can also provide us your detailed tax situation through our Contact Page and you will receive a response within 48 hours.

For your convenience, we have provided a current fee schedule on our website.


The quality of your tax return and the timeliness of its preparation depend strongly on obtaining all your tax documents and information. Starting with information based on last year's tax return, you can begin gathering your tax documents for this year.

NEW CLIENTS: Please complete the tax organizer in the document center and upload to the client portal.

RETURNING CLIENTS: Look for an email that your customized tax organizer with previous year information has been added to your client portal for completion.

For New Clients or Returning Clients who have new/updated contact information including new address, new email and/or additional dependent(s) for this tax year, please be sure to complete the Tax Organizer - Demographic section completely.

A VALID email address is REQUIRED to begin tax preparation. 

Client Engagement Agreement REQUIRED - The IRS ethical guidelines and our professional liability insurance require client engagement agreements. Please click on the link below to complete the agreement and upload to the client portal.

Client Engagement Agreement

Go to the Document Center for additional checklists and helpful worksheets for either business or individual tax types. As more companies move to electronic delivery of their tax documents and statements, these checklists and worksheets will help ensure you are not missing important tax documentation.


Secure Client Portal

Send us your tax documents securely through our client portal. Please send us an email when all documents are uploaded and ready for us to begin our process. A tax admin reviews the upload for missing information and contacts you with open items, if necessary. We take the security and safety of your personal information very seriously.

Secure Fax

If you prefer to fax your tax documents, our fax number is (800) 557-9864.  Please email taxes@yahrincometaxllc.com to confirm receipt of fax.

Snail Mail or Road Trip

Please email taxes@yahrincometaxllc.com to confirm receipt of mailed package.  If you do not have access to a fax machine or scanner, you may also mail your information to us. Do Not Send Originals, Only Photo Copies. We strongly encourage the use of FedEx, UPS or proof of mailing method by USPS.  Our mailing address is:

6751 W. 190th Street
Jordan, MN 55352

If making a road trip to our office, please coordinate directly with Michelle at (952) 223-7276.

Timelines and Considerations

Here are some important dates and considerations for us to help manage expectations-

  • Friday, March 27 2020 - All tax documentation must be received for us to guarantee an on-time filing.  We routinely receive documentation well into April and are still able to complete the tax returns on time, however, we cannot promise it.
  • Wednesday, April 8 2020 - All efile or extension authorizations and fee payments must be received.
  • Wednesday, April 15 2020 - The filing deadline for all individual tax returns (except Expats). Tax payments are also due regardless of an extension.
  • Our normal turn-around time after receiving everything we need is 10-12 days.  We will update you with email alerts along the way.

If you miss our cutoff (Friday, March 27) and still want your tax returns filed on time, we might be able to but we cannot guarantee it.  There will be a rush fee for this starting at $100.00.  Please note, you are not required to pay a rush fee if you miss a cutoff; we only charge it if you want a guaranteed timely filing once we are past the cutoff. If you believe you need a rush arrangement, please contact us at (952) 223-7276. 


If you want to extend your tax returns, a few things to keep in mind.  First, we must get your approval from you to extend your tax returns. We cannot legally file an extension without permission. So, if we don't hear from you, an extension will not be filed. Failure to file is a huge penalty (5% per month based on the tax due).

An extension to file is NOT an extension to pay. Taxes are due April 15. If you want us to help determine your general tax liability so you may send a payment with the extension, please let us know by the eFile Authorization deadline above. Failure to pay is a smaller penalty (0.5% per month based on the tax due).

We have included in the Document Center a form for you to complete and send to us for Extension Authorization.

Failure to file and failure to pay penalties do not apply when you are receiving a tax refund.

Extended tax returns will be completed starting in May provided we have everything we need from you. Turnaround time increases to 12-15 days during the off-season.


Once all required documents have been received, your tax preparation will begin.  Please make sure we have your preferred email address and phone number for timely communication throughout the tax preparation process. Our new system will provide emailed updates as we move through each phase so you always know what is going on. If we are waiting on tax documents, you will be emailed every 7 days. We require all documents to be received by March 27th to guarantee timely filed returns.

Preparation & Internal Review of Your Return

Upon receiving all your documents, we will begin preparing your return and determine if there is any missing data or anything that needs clarification. The preparer will follow up with you on any open questions.

Online Client Review

Once tax returns are ready for review, we will upload a copy to the secure client portal and send you an email with instructions requesting a detailed review of all name(s), address(es), indentification number(s), and reported tax return information before approval to efile. If changes are requested, an updated return will be uploaded to the portal for a final approval.

If you have questions or comments regarding your returns, you can email those directly to your tax preparer.  We ALWAYS want you to understand your tax returns and feel comfortable about the information being filed.  Therefore, a 30 minute detailed review of your taxes via phone or video meeting or at our office location in Jordan, MN will be provided if necessary.

Signatures & Payment Processed

Once you review and approve your tax returns, you are in the homestretch. Just complete these final 3 steps and you are all set!

  1. Pay tax prep fees electronically.  Full payment is required before efiling.
  2. Give us permission to efile your taxes. We will provide your authorization forms through the secure client portal.  We require a wet signature on these forms, please print the PDF copies, sign and upload back to the portal.
  3. Read, sign, and date your Authorization Forms no later than 2 days after you receive the email they are available.  Anything after 48 hours will need to be resent & will delay efiling of your tax returns.

Electronic Filing

Once we have received your efile authorization forms back and payment for our services has been received, your tax return(s) will be efiled.

Within 3 days after efiling, you will receive a confirmation email form our team advising you that your tax returns have been Acknowledged, Received & Accepted from the appropriate tax agencies.

*In the event your tax returns cannot be efiled, we will contact you directly to make arrangements.

Access to Your Tax Returns & Tax Documents

Once the IRS and the State accept your efiled tax returns, we will upload the FINAL copy of your tax returns to the secure client portal. We encourage you to download and keep in your records for 6 years.

At that point, our tax engagement with you is complete! If you are looking for additional help throughout the year, please contact us in regards to tax planning or tax consultation.

Paper Copies of Your Returns: If you would like a paper copy of your return, please let us know as there is an additional fee to cover supplies & postage.

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At Yahr Income Tax LLC, we've been serving clients all around the world virtually for years. If you need help with tax or bookkeeping, we would love to hear from you.

Please fill out this form and let us know how we can be of service. We typically respond in 24 hours or less.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working together!

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